Vintage Feature – A Mother’s Grief Kindles a Porcelain Legacy

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

I saw this unusual candy dish in the thrift store and, I admit, my first impression was that it was a bit gaudy. Without my glasses, I couldn’t read the mark very well but I did see that it was made in Pasadena. The script of the mark and the place clinched the deal – I […]

Vintage Feature – The Purity of Vintage White

This week’s post is simple  – one photograph of three vintage white pieces. The story is so much more but I couldn’t pull it all together this week because sometimes, as I recently have been reminded, life happens. In a future post, I want to tell you more about these vintage white teapots and sugar […]

Vintage Feature – My 5-Step Plan to Sort, Organize & Let Go

Southern Vintage Table has now been in business for about a year and a half but I have been collecting vintage things for almost two. As I reflect on these past two years, I can hardly believe how much I have learned! When I started this company I knew almost nothing about vintage anything. Really. I don’t think […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – New Pinterest Boards Feature SVT Events

In a recent post, A Celebration of Numbers, one number we were very excited about was our 18 events at the end of our first year. Since that post, Southern Vintage Table has provided vintage items for 13 more happy occasions – a birthday party, a baby shower, nine weddings, one dinner party and one family reunion.  We are so happy to […]

Vintage Feature – For the Love of Chickens

Each week I wait for an inspiration for my Sunday post.  Typically I don’t actively look but instead I trust, with my antenna up and ready, that I’ll receive this cosmic message. It’s kinda magical – waiting for something you don’t know when, where or how it will appear – but it can also be a little nerve-racking if […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – Buttons, Bows & Headbands’ Baby Shower

There’s nothing more wonderful to celebrate than the arrival of a new baby and when the mother-to-be is one of your dear friends, it gets even better.  Carrie and I wanted to bring Gerri’s friends and family together for her first baby shower to share our excitement and joy for the anticipated arrival of her and […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – A Marriage Blessing, Baptism & Tea Party!

Last Saturday was a beautiful, reverent and memorable day for Summer’s family. After converting to Greek Orthodoxy this past spring, Summer and Andrew had their marriage blessed or “crowned” and their twin boys were baptized.  You’ll love how Summer explains this family occasion.  “We’ve been married 15 years, but we are revving up to get heavenly hitched in an Orthodox […]

Vintage Tip – Make Your Own Tiered Vintage Plate Stand

I love tiered stands – whether they all match or they are all different – a tower of vintage plates filled with yummy treats is so pretty. As I have collected many dishes for Southern Vintage Table, some have come with chips, cracks and other imperfections. Although their lives as dinner or salad plates may be gone, many now sit either […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – A Field Dinner Experience

Envision yourself in the middle of a quiet country farm field, away from stoplights, traffic and city noise.  The sun is setting and you begin to notice the symphony of night critters. But, you are not alone. You’re with your favorite friends, feasting on made-from-scratch delicious food prepared by a talented chef. A delightful assortment of chilled beverages are […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – Miss Julia’s Birthday Tea Party

We were all oh-so excited about Miss Julia’s birthday tea party!  Turning 5 is pretty awesome all by itself but when you add family, friends, vintage teacups and hats to the celebration, the excitement just escalates!  With the help of their family and Southern Vintage Table, Erin and Jeremy planned a fun-filled morning for their sweet daughter […]