Vintage Feature – A Mother’s Grief Kindles a Porcelain Legacy

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

I saw this unusual candy dish in the thrift store and, I admit, my first impression was that it was a bit gaudy. Without my glasses, I couldn’t read the mark very well but I did see that it was made in Pasadena. The script of the mark and the place clinched the deal – I […]

Vintage Feature – The Purity of Vintage White

This week’s post is simple  – one photograph of three vintage white pieces. The story is so much more but I couldn’t pull it all together this week because sometimes, as I recently have been reminded, life happens. In a future post, I want to tell you more about these vintage white teapots and sugar […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – Anne of Green Gables’ Photoshoot

“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables Last month Bekah, owner of Ardent Darcy, invited Southern Vintage Table to help with a photoshoot – how exciting for us! Bekah and photographers Anna and Brent Deitrich of Live View Studios were inspired by the classic story, Anne of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maid Montgomery in […]

A Vintage Adventure – It Was Thrift Store Heaven!

This past weekend I went to the opening of a new thrift store, TROSA Thrift Store, in Durham. (Thank you, Linda, for sending that text!) For me, this may be one of the most exciting events I can imagine!  I realize some folks would just shake their head in amusement at this declaration but there are […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – Amanda & Nathan’s Lakeside Wedding

Amanda contacted Southern Vintage Table early July about renting our vintage china for her October wedding. She loved the look of our elegant collection and thought it would be perfect for her lakeside wedding in Four Oaks.  Along with our vintage dinner and dessert plates, our vintage tiered stands were featured on the dessert table […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – A Marriage Celebration for Taylor & Cameron

My previous two posts revolved around a special event for our family – the marriage of our daughter, Taylor, to the love of her life, Cameron. Two weeks ago I shared how to make a no-sew bunting in preparation for our party and last week I posted a few photos from that evening. This week it all comes […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – Celebrating with Taylor & Cameron

It’s been a crazy week getting ready for our family gathering and I haven’t been able to work on my weekly post but I do have a few pictures to share from last night.  Many, many thanks to family and friends who helped celebrate the marriage of our daughter, Taylor, to her Aussie husband, Cameron! More […]

A Vintage Adventure – A Thrift Shop Miracle

I remember the day I saw it at a local thrift store. It was last summer at the height of my collecting spree for my new business, Southern Vintage Table.  As I was browsing the items on the shelf, I spied this unusual coffee urn, or at least that’s what I thought it was. The shape, […]

Vintage Feature – A Mélange of Vintage Vases

The purpose of a vase is simple – to hold pretty flowers. The vase, however, is also the frame for the bouquet, creating a look that might be beautiful, elegant, colorful, fun or whimsical. Today’s post, short on words but long on photos, features the eclectic mix of vintage vases and containers at Southern Vintage Table and how they display their […]

Vintage Feature – Vintage Metal Trays

Another delightful vintage accent for your next event – decorative metal trays. Along with their metal partner, vintage tins, these trays are beautiful, historic and practical. As I surveyed our small, growing collection at Southern Vintage Table, my organizing instinct just kicked in. I decided our vintage collection fell into three categories: advertisement, decorative printed and hand painted. Advertisement Trays This grouping of trays tell a […]