Vintage Feature – New Website is Up!

Whoop whoop!! Our new website is up and running! My wonderful, fantastic reviewers (Trudy, Carrie, Priscilla, Jami, Mary and Pat) and I love the color scheme and the slide shows featuring our beautiful, vintage inventory. I am so excited our site pages and blog posts all are here at the same place!  I can even check my […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – A Marriage Celebration for Taylor & Cameron

My previous two posts revolved around a special event for our family – the marriage of our daughter, Taylor, to the love of her life, Cameron. Two weeks ago I shared how to make a no-sew bunting in preparation for our party and last week I posted a few photos from that evening. This week it all comes […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – Celebrating with Taylor & Cameron

It’s been a crazy week getting ready for our family gathering and I haven’t been able to work on my weekly post but I do have a few pictures to share from last night.  Many, many thanks to family and friends who helped celebrate the marriage of our daughter, Taylor, to her Aussie husband, Cameron! More […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – New Pinterest Boards Feature SVT Events

In a recent post, A Celebration of Numbers, one number we were very excited about was our 18 events at the end of our first year. Since that post, Southern Vintage Table has provided vintage items for 13 more happy occasions – a birthday party, a baby shower, nine weddings, one dinner party and one family reunion.  We are so happy to […]

Vintage Feature – A Mélange of Vintage Vases

The purpose of a vase is simple – to hold pretty flowers. The vase, however, is also the frame for the bouquet, creating a look that might be beautiful, elegant, colorful, fun or whimsical. Today’s post, short on words but long on photos, features the eclectic mix of vintage vases and containers at Southern Vintage Table and how they display their […]

Vintage Feature – Vintage Metal Trays

Another delightful vintage accent for your next event – decorative metal trays. Along with their metal partner, vintage tins, these trays are beautiful, historic and practical. As I surveyed our small, growing collection at Southern Vintage Table, my organizing instinct just kicked in. I decided our vintage collection fell into three categories: advertisement, decorative printed and hand painted. Advertisement Trays This grouping of trays tell a […]

Vintage Feature – The Living Energy of Organic Vintage Decor

Organic, natural decor features once-living organisms – like wood, natural fibers such as burlap, feathers, shells, pine cones, moss, birds’ nests and even antlers. What’s terrifically remarkable is that the energy captured within these natural creations originated from our sun. How awe-inspiring is that? Maybe a throwback from my middle school teaching days when I decorated my classroom with […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – Miss Julia’s Birthday Tea Party

We were all oh-so excited about Miss Julia’s birthday tea party!  Turning 5 is pretty awesome all by itself but when you add family, friends, vintage teacups and hats to the celebration, the excitement just escalates!  With the help of their family and Southern Vintage Table, Erin and Jeremy planned a fun-filled morning for their sweet daughter […]

Southern Vintage Table Event – Linens, Lace & Lingerie Bridal Shower for Melanie

A more beautiful day just wasn’t possible! The cosmic powers delivered a warm, spring green day for Melanie’s shower – the grass, trees and flowers were all freshly watered by the previous day’s rainstorm and the sun was sweetly gleaming on the lovely backyard of Louise’s country home. The stage was perfectly set for Southern Vintage Table […]

Vintage Feature – Planning a Bridal Shower with Friends

It was Friday and I started to panic. Usually by now I had decided on my weekly post topic, taken all the photographs, edited and uploaded them and written the first draft. Well, with all the preparations for our Yaya bridal shower, I kept pushing blog stuff to the back burner. I know next week’s post […]