A Vintage Adventure – It Was Thrift Store Heaven!

This past weekend I went to the opening of a new thrift store, TROSA Thrift Store, in Durham. (Thank you, Linda, for sending that text!) For me, this may be one of the most exciting events I can imagine!  I realize some folks would just shake their head in amusement at this declaration but there are […]

A Vintage Adventure – A Thrift Shop Miracle

I remember the day I saw it at a local thrift store. It was last summer at the height of my collecting spree for my new business, Southern Vintage Table.  As I was browsing the items on the shelf, I spied this unusual coffee urn, or at least that’s what I thought it was. The shape, […]

A Vintage Adventure – Elegant to Retro Vintage Finds

Rainy Sunday afternoons are made for browsing antique malls so last Sunday I headed over to Grandaddy’s Antiques in Burlington. If you haven’t been to Grandaddy’s, it’s a treasure trove of anything vintage from teacups to linens to comic books to furniture. Different vendors have spaces or booths in this revamped department store and that means you […]

A Vintage Adventure – Bartering for Vintage!

The first time I stepped into her shop, I didn’t meet Elma but I did meet her daughter who was minding the store for her.  It was on a Saturday afternoon and my friends and I were on one of our many adventures together.  Our agenda this time was to start at Dick & Jane’s […]

A Vintage Adventure – I Love Auctions but Thrift Stores are Still My Number 1

Recently I ventured outside of the thrift store arena to attend a couple of auctions and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I got some things that you probably can’t find at a thrift store today, like a butter churn and washboard.  But, for basic vintage bargains, the thrift store can’t be beat.  Whether it’s one topless […]

A Vintage Adventure – Oops, I Did It Again… At My Second Auction

Recently I went on a working day trip to a local auction house to check out a few items I wanted for our vintage decor collection at Southern Vintage Table.  My list included a butter churn, blue mason jars, a washboard and a suitcase. I drive into the parking lot and quickly notice there aren’t […]

Vintage Adventure – Thrifting with a Kindred Friend is Twice the Fun

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

I really do enjoy looking for vintage items for my business, Southern Vintage Table and actually like going solo. I don’t have to consult with anyone about where I’m going, how how many times I walk down that same aisle of china or whether I want to stop at just one more store. But, no doubt […]

Vintage Adventure: Vintage China, A Cup and A Business Friendship

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

This vintage china rental business is a perfect fit for me.  I love vintage stuff – love the smell, the feel, the look, the beauty, the energy encapsulated in it, the history.  I also love to go hunting for it – what a thrill when you find something interesting and imagine sharing it with others. […]

Vintage Adventure: Well, Perhaps Better Said, A MisAdventure…

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Last weekend I went thrift store shopping for Southern Vintage Table and came across two beautiful vintage doors.  They were narrow and had three small windows in the upper half – just charming and I thought they would be perfect as a prop after painting and distressing.  I was trying to decide if I should go with […]

A Vintage Adventure: Sold to Number 268!

The seemingly small place was packed – with stuff, people and lots of chairs. I signed in and then made my way up to the front to take a look at the box lots. The items I came for were listed to go first so I wanted to make sure I was ready.  I sat […]