Southern Vintage Table Event – A Field Dinner Experience

Photo by Scott Faber

Envision yourself in the middle of a quiet country farm field, away from stoplights, traffic and city noise.  The sun is setting and you begin to notice the symphony of night critters. But, you are not alone. You’re with your favorite friends, feasting on made-from-scratch delicious food prepared by a talented chef. A delightful assortment of chilled beverages are ready for all to enjoy. Sound wonderful?  Yes, it was!

The vision for this outdoor dining experience came to Sharon and Tammy of RSVP-Events over a year ago  They wanted to host an outdoor dinner in Ruby’s field on a beautiful fall or spring night. They invited Southern Vintage Table, Donovon’s Dish and American Party Rentals to join together and offer this evening as a raffle prize at their monthly Triangle NACE meeting. When Heather’s name was called, she was ecstatic. Imagine hosting a party for your friends and all you have to do make a guest list and show up!

The night for the farm dinner was set for a Sunday evening in early June. RSVP-Events designed the event and prepared Ruby’s field.  A path and party area were mowed, twig light balls were hung, candles lit, flowers arranged, signs made and furniture set in place.

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After consulting with Heather and then Christian from Donovon’s Dish, Tammy came to Southern Vintage Table to plan the table settings. Pairs of classic blue & white china patterns were chosen to go down the farm tables provided by American Party Rentals. To complement the blue & white china patterns, vintage clear glass salad plates and goblets were selected. We also chose pairs of serving dishes for the delectable dishes – BBQ chicken, fresh salad, string beans, quinoa, succotash and sweet potato biscuits.

We used a set of vintage hammered aluminum trays for the chicken, an assortment of blue & white bowls  for the side dishes and bread baskets for the family-style meal.  Glass compotes, which once held Big Top Peanut Butter, were selected for the individual strawberry shortcake servings. Tammy loved the vintage aluminum mugs for her flower and herb arrangements and the wooden cake stands were perfect to group the small bouquets on the table.

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Now everything would have been absolutely perfect except one little thing – a light summer evening rain. But, in actuality, it worked out beautifully. Ruby’s field, graced with the magnificent colors of the setting sun, was center stage for the evening’s opening appetizers, drinks and guitar music by Daniel Wray. Dinner was served in the living room of Ruby’s home place and then guests returned to the field under the glowing twig lights and evening stars for their fresh strawberry shortcake dessert.

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

It was a magical evening – the food was wonderful, the natural pastoral setting was inspirational and guests were very appreciative. These field dinner experiences are offered by RSVP-Events with limited availability. If you’d like to host a unique dining experience for your guests, contact Sharon or Tammy. They’ll be happy to talk with you and, of course, so will Southern Vintage Table.

These beautifully artistic photos were provided by Scott of Scott Faber Photography.

Photo by Scott Faber

This creative dinner experience was made possible by:
Donovon’s Dish
Southern Vintage Table

American Party Rentals
Scott Faber Photography
Daniel Wray, Musician

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC


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