Vintage Feature – Mixing and Matching with a New Set of Vintage China

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

I came across another beautiful set of china that fits perfectly with the vintage china collection at Southern Vintage Table.  This vintage set belonged to Grandmother Belle and, according to her daughter in law, was used on special occasions. I can imagine how delighted Belle must have been when she set her table for her guests with her fine china! This pattern is by Grace China and called Formal Garden. Discontinued in 1939, it was made in pre-war Japan which means it’s at least 75 years old!

This pattern is truly beautiful, but I think the sweet floral design stands out even more when mixed with other vintage patterns. Here’s a collection of place settings featuring the Formal Garden dinner plate with a medley of salad plates. Some patterns are contemporaries with Formal Garden and others were manufactured decades later. Such historical richness in a place setting!

Here are a few photos with the soup/salad bowl and the dessert plate.  Charming!

Another gorgeous vintage china pattern in our vintage china collection ready for you to share with your guests!  Contact Southern Vintage Table for more information about our event packages with our lovely, vintage wares. We look forward to hearing from you!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC


2 thoughts on “Vintage Feature – Mixing and Matching with a New Set of Vintage China

    • I have been looking for a source for the china that belonged to my mother. You have it in your Southern Vintage Table. It is Grace China and is Formal garden. This china was bought in 1931 as my parents formal china. I now have the set. During ww2, Montgomery Ward had it on sale for pennies because it was made in Japan. At that time my mother bought and ended up with a place setting for 14 and double in platters and bowls, plus extra pieces. Fortunately, it is all in good shape, except the large platter does have a small chip. It was good to read the history of the china. I have been using for years to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had a set of gold goblets and gold flat ware and gold chargers that just set off the entire setting. T do not have twitter, facebook and the other items as those.

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