Vintage Feature – Vintage Table Linens are Delicate, Lovely and Often Very Personal

Southern Vintage Table Vintage Linens

This vintage tablecloth with its blue hand stitched embroidery says love!

I am so appreciative of the beauty and unique history of vintage linens. Unlike china and crystal, vintage linens are often personalized with the delicate touch of hand stitching or embroidery. A true vintage treasure is finding a tablecloth or set of napkins that is a one-of-a-kind with the beautiful handiwork of its previous owner.

Whether it’s fine linen or pure cotton, lacy or frayed, embroidered or edged with lace, crisp white or cream colored, vintage linens add a special touch to the dinner table. Here is a sampling of our treasured inventory of vintage napkins and tablecloths at Southern Vintage Table.

These embroidered napkins are sweet!

Vintage white napkins with white embroidery is clean, crisp and fresh.

Our inventory of vintage tablecloths includes different sizes and colors.  Below are two of our small embroidered cream-colored vintage tablecloths and three white vintage lace tablecloths.

Although white and cream are classic vintage colors, Southern Vintage Table has other colors and patterns in our linen collection.  Our Pinterest board featuring our vintage linens recently has been created and more pins will be forthcoming. Also, check out our vintage doilies board – we have lots in our inventory!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage LinensVintage tablecloths, napkins, placemats, runners, and doilies are in our linen closet at Southern Vintage Table.  We’d love to share our treasures with you!

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