Vintage Tips – Transforming Old into New with Chalk Paint

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Turn tarnished and dull into clean and bright with chalk paint!

Many good things come to and out of thrift stores.  The causes many of them support are so worthy, from local hospices to homes for the less fortunate to schools.  The shoppers benefit from the low prices, the donators know their goods will bring funds to help others and the stuff finds a new purpose in someone’s home.  Can you tell I love thrift stores?

One creative event a local thrift store recently sponsored was a parking lot yard sale.  Folks in the community could “rent” a space for $20, bring their stuff to sell and, at the close of the morning, the remaining things get donated to the thrift store.  Definitely a win-win setup!

I decided to go late to this sale in the hopes of finding the extra-special good deals, right before the trucks come through the parking lot to pick up the unsold items.  When I got there I found one lady who was packing up.  She told me to look for anything I’d like to have and she’d give me a good price.  Yes, I thought, just how I planned!  I found some very tarnished silver-plated and brass items and some assorted glassware and piled up my stuff.  I’m thinking it’s going to be maybe $20. She looked at the pile. “How about $5?”  Wow!

I started cleaning as soon as I got home. The glass dishes went into the dishwasher and I began to wash the metal items.  The silver-plated utensils and small dish shined up nicely with a little polish but the brass was hopeless.

bucket before

Here’s a shot of the brass things on the bottom of the bucket they came in. Yuck!

That was when I decided to see if anyone had painted brass with chalk paint – bam.  There it was – a once-brass-now-painted-white deer looking so clean and crisp with a coat of chalk paint.

I started painting.  I had already mixed up some chalk paint with a recipe I found on the Internet.  Mix 2 1/2 tablespoons Plaster of Paris with 1 1/2 tablespoons of water until there are no lumps.  Add 8 oz of matte paint with primer and mix till smooth.  That’s it!

plaster paint

Both of these came from Home Depot. The paint is an 8 oz sample bottle that cost less than $3!

Mixed and ready to use.

Mixed and ready to use.

Tried to polish this tray but this was as good as it was going to get.  Time to pain!

Tried to polish this tray but this was as good as it was going to get. Time to paint!

picture stand before

This stand needed updating!

These dated wooden candle holders needed help!

Wooden and blah…

I painted all of these in one night.  The next day I added a light coat of wax, buffed them up and voila!

I painted all of these in one night!

I painted all of these in one night!

Oh yeah, I also painted a brown briefcase and a frame.  Don’t they look terrific?suitcase frameIn a previous blog, I touted Annie Sloan paint and I still believe she’s got a great product.  But, it’s very pricey. With my slim budget, this is a great alternative. So, support a thrift store and find something that’s interesting – wood, brass or even silver-plated.  Mix up a batch of chalk paint and transform it!

These rescued and updated vintage items are available at Southern Vintage Table!


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