A Vintage Adventure – I Love Auctions but Thrift Stores are Still My Number 1

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Three little sugar dishes lost their lids and became sweet flower vases!

Recently I ventured outside of the thrift store arena to attend a couple of auctions and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I got some things that you probably can’t find at a thrift store today, like a butter churn and washboard.  But, for basic vintage bargains, the thrift store can’t be beat.  Whether it’s one topless sugar dish, a vintage ironing board or a set of beautiful gold trimmed bar glasses, thrift stores have it all – not all at once or at every store, but that’s part of the fun – you have to go out and find it.  And, you have to be a frequent visitor.

Here are some of my latest thrift store finds that have been added to the Southern Vintage Table collection.

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

These gold trimmed vintage bar glasses are stunning!

After visiting my mom I usually stop at a thrift store closeby.  On this last trip there was a set of the coolest highball glasses sitting on the shelf! They were all in perfect condition with their intricate, delicate gold trim.  While I was inspecting them, the thrift store employee put out these small lovely blue vases.  With the vintage glasses, vases, blue drawer, sign and decanter, the bar is open!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Take one vintage wooden ironing board, add vintage dishes and linens and throw in a vintage butter churn and you’ve got a charming dessert station!

I found this vintage ironing board at one of the junkiest stores in town – it’s so packed you have to move furniture to get to some of the items.  Needless to say, I love stopping in.  This vintage wooden ironing board was sitting behind the door with a split down the middle.  After some wood glue and clamping, it’s ready to be part of your vintage decor.  Whether it’s a dessert table, welcoming station or drink bar, it will be charming!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

This seafoam green vintage typewriter actually works!

At one of the thrift stores nearby, they have an outside area with bins filled with left overs from estates.  Some broken, dusty and dirty, but good stuff to look through.  For $2, which goes into a fund to help local folks with the upkeep of their homes, you get to fill a box.  Sometimes there are also larger items nearby, which is where I found this vintage typewriter.  I have to say this is one of my most favorite finds – the color, the condition and the look embodies the spirit of retro vintage.

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

This vintage silver plated shell dish has a beautiful sheen1

Another favorite thrift store is close to my home and I stop in pretty often. The prices are usually very low and folks appreciate it, so if you see something you like, or even think you like, you better get it that day or it will be gone.  I found this silver-plated shell dish for under $2.  It was very tarnished and a bit unsightly, but I took a chance it would shine right up.  It did – I almost can’t believe how beautiful it is.  Looked this one up – it was made in England and valued at about $50.

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Found all of these vintage items at various thrift stores in the area

This collection of items all came from various stores. I love the old tins and the two candle holders, once tarnished and encrusted with wax, now gleam.  The teapot didn’t have a lid and I even found the candles on the shelf.  When I think about where each of these items have been and how they ended up with me, it’s like an adventure story!

So, will I go to another auction?  You bet – the energy, the variety of vintage items and the people make it very exciting.  The gambling atmosphere is a little risky (at least for novices like me) but certainly fun.  However, the everyday thrift store is still my favorite place to hunt. For the unexpected, and usually, very inexpensive vintage item, thrift stores are where it’s at.

All of these wonderful vintage items are here at Southern Vintage Table and we would love to share them with you at your next gathering!

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC



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