Vintage Adventure: Well, Perhaps Better Said, A MisAdventure…

Last weekend I went thrift store shopping for Southern Vintage Table and came across two beautiful vintage doors.  They were narrow and had three small windows in the upper half – just charming and I thought they would be perfect as a prop after painting and distressing.  I was trying to decide if I should go with a light blue or an antique white when I thought – oh no, I wonder if they have lead paint on them. Suddenly, I was the one who was getting distressed because I knew they probably did.

Southern Vintage Table

I love these doors, but with the lead paint, I had to pass them on.

I stopped by the hardware store and picked up a lead paint test kit, hoping that it wouldn’t be.  Got home, unloaded the doors, read the directions on the kit and tested them.  Bam – the tester turned bright pink which meant they had lead paint.  As I said, I was very distressed.  After researching how to remove lead paint, I decided to call on an expert.  Found out it would cost way more than I could afford for two prop doors.  Oh, well…

I figured this was another valuable learning experience and posted them on Facebook.  Within 30 minutes someone wanted them, even knowing they had lead paint. I was pleased because they needed to be saved and restored.  Lesson learned  – take a lead paint tester with me and check before I buy them!

Not all was lost on that shopping day. I did find two vintage china plates, a vintage berry bowl and a vintage table runner.   Only one of each but that’s part of the fun of thrift store shopping!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Three thrift store finds – two vintage china plates, a vintage berry bowl and a vintage table runner!

These and other beautiful vintage china and accessories are available for rental at Southern Vintage Table!


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