Vintage Feature – New Website is Up!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NCWhoop whoop!! Our new website is up and running! My wonderful, fantastic reviewers (Trudy, Carrie, Priscilla, Jami, Mary and Pat) and I love the color scheme and the slide shows featuring our beautiful, vintage inventory. I am so excited our site pages and blog posts all are here at the same place!  I can even check my site stats here and now everyone can pin photos directly from the site. Yippee!

~ If you are on our old blog site, go here now to view this post at its new home! ~

Email subscribers, here’s something really important to note – this will be my final post at my blog. I will be posting from this new website but it is super easy to re-subscribe at the top right of the new post site.  New subscribers are welcomed!!   When you subscribe, you’ll be notified via email that a new post is up, which is every Sunday. (Also note, this post and all the other posts are published on both blogs but I will be taking down the old one soon.)

I’d love, love, love (and be most appreciative!) if you’d also follow us on Southern Vintage Table’s Facebook page.  I tried adding a Facebook Like Widget but I couldn’t find a position on the page that looked right. That’s one thing I need to figure out. I post on Facebook once or twice a week, mostly about new vintage finds or treasures, which I think you’ll love to see!

For those who are interested, I am using GoDaddy’s feature, Managed WordPress, which means I went from to because it’s now a self-hosted site. With this change, I now have more control over the themes and can add widgets to add all kinds of features – like the slide shows on each page featuring our inventory, a footer with contact information and a email subscription field only on the blog page. There is still much to learn!  I also dropped my Dreamweaver subscription and, with the Managed WordPress on GoDaddy, I have reduced my hosting fee. GoDaddy provided a temporary url to use while building the site, took down the old site when I was ready to launch, and migrated all the pages over to the same domain name. All in all, this is a terrific update for Southern Vintage Table!

Take a look and tell me what you think!  I’d love to hear your comments, ideas and suggestions.

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC




Vintage Feature – A Mother’s Grief Kindles a Porcelain Legacy

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

I saw this unusual candy dish in the thrift store and, I admit, my first impression was that it was a bit gaudy. Without my glasses, I couldn’t read the mark very well but I did see that it was made in Pasadena. The script of the mark and the place clinched the deal – I bought it.

Florence Mark

It sat on my table for weeks, and occasionally I’d pick it up and admire it, running my fingers across its smooth, ruffled edge. The muted colors and delicate handiwork of the roses captivated me. Finally, I took a photo and decided to do a little research about its history. I couldn’t find the exact piece but I did see another one that was pretty close. However, it turns out the story of this woman-owned American company was the best part of this vintage find.

According to the International Ceramics Directory, Florence Ceramics began in the early 1940s by Florence Ward, an anguished mother who lost her young son to a rare blood disease. To cope with her grief, she took a ceramics course at the Franklin School for ceramics and pottery. Her artistic talent was quickly revealed in her figurines of women and men dressed in authentic historic dress. Friends admired her work and she began selling her signature pieces from her garage.

As her success grew, Florence Ceramics moved to a large, modern facility in 1949 and began mass producing her figurines. Her employees loved working for the Ward family and high standards were always revered. Eventually, as the story often goes, cheaper reproductions from overseas and the death of her husband caused Florence to sell her business to Script in the early 1960s. According to the eBay article, Florence Ceramics aka Florence of California, “A great era of perfection and detail in porcelain figurines came to an end.”

Florence Candy Dish Closeup

Alas, I do not have any figurines to share but you won’t be disappointed if you take a look at some of these found at Replacements. So beautifully vintage!

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Vintage Feature – Revamping the “About” Page

This past week I have been working on my new website. One page I have wanted to change and update is “Our Story.” So after researching effective “About Me” pages, I hit on this idea.  The page title is simply “About.”


 Hello, I’m Shelly.

I’m the owner of Southern Vintage Table, a vintage tableware and decor rental business. After two years of scouring thrift stores, estate sales, antique shops, auctions, craigslist and even my own home, I have collected lots of vintage china, glassware, flatware, serving dishes, linens, and accessories. Many things have been generously shared by friends and family. Our collection spans the 20th century and everything is available for hire.

Here are a few things about me – in no particular order.

~ I’m an optimist, like my mother, and believe things have a way of turning out okay. Maybe not in the way you envisioned but perhaps how it must.

~ I’m a retired middle school teacher, wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, and friend. I am a twin with 7 siblings and have two children. I met my husband in the 6th grade.

~ My alma maters include Orange High School, Western Carolina, and UNC-CH. I have a masters in education and earned National Board Certification.

~ My last teaching assignment included a video/news program class called MNN, a web graphics course, and yearbook. I taught 6th, 7th and 8th graders and sometimes had a student for all three years, which always delighted me.

– Whenever I can afford the time, I take the scenic back roads. Thankfully, I usually have the time.

~ I especially love candlelight, potted plants, flowers, pretty china, and wooden boxes. My hobbies have included sewing, playing tennis, making mosaics, and rearranging furniture.

~ As the owner of my business, I have learned how to drill holes in china, get rid of stains in china and linens, and – gasp –  properly set a table. And, I love setting tables!

~ When I go thrift store shopping, I’m not necessarily thinking about what the item is, but what it can become or how it can be repurposed. Sometimes I can see it right away, and other times I buy it knowing the vision will come eventually.

~ I’ve started reading a few pages of a book before I go to sleep. I’ve almost finished “Bossypants” by Tina Fey, which I highly recommend. Witty and profound.

~ I’ve written a country song I want Miranda Lambert or Kelly Clarkson to sing and have a movie I want Reese Witherspoon to produce. I’ve messaged the cosmos to help me with these two projects. Hey, it can’t hurt and it just might help, right? That optimism my mother gifted to me is kicking in here.

~ I love meeting new people and listening to their life stories. I especially enjoy hearing the names of their children, parents, grandparents, and even further back. Makes me feel like I’m time traveling with them.

~ I am so grateful for my friends and family. Their wisdom and stories have infused my life with joy and love.

~ I’d love to talk with you and promise our Southern Vintage Table collection will create a memorable, lovely affair for your special guests!


Let me know what you think about my new “About” page.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, or additions, I’d love to hear from you. Really, I mean it…

New website is well on its way – should be unveiling it soon!  Here are some photos I took this past week for it.

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Vintage Feature – 3 Goals for the New Year

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

A new year is the perfect time to set a few goals and we have three major ones on our list at Southern Vintage Table. Here they are!

~ Goal 1 – Develop a “Table Decor” package ~

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NCWe have collected all kinds of cool, wonderful vintage doo-dads and small linens – tins, vases, books, postcards, coasters, votives, doilies, hats, gloves, small purses, small stands, candle holders, small frames – to use as table decor.  Our next step is to put together a “per table” package so clients can customize their own vintage look for their guest and serving tables.  If I haven’t checked this off my list and you would like to know more, please let me know! I’ll get right on it!

~ Goal 2 – Work on assorted DIY projects ~

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

This one may be the most fun goal of the three but figuring out which ones to tackle first will take some time.  For instance, I found two 3-paneled dividers but both of them need a little work – one needs embellishing and the other needs to be repaired.  We also have a few wooden items that would look so much better with a distressed look and a couple of trumpets just waiting to be upscaled into something unique. Just waiting for some cosmic inspiration…

~ Goal 3 – Revamp our website and Pinterest Boards ~

H-u-u-ge job, I know, but it’s time for a fresh look and we now have lots of terrific photos from this past year to showcase. I will be moving my business site to Wordpress but I have a lot to learn about how to do it.

Okay, my goals are out there which means I better start checking them off.  In the meantime, sending you wishes for a wonderful, happy and prosperous new year from
Southern Vintage Table!

Happy New Year

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Southern Vintage Table Event – Hot Off the Press!

Faith Teasley Photography

Yesterday a wonderful surprise came in our Facebook mail – a post from Faith Teasley Photography.  Ashley’s spring wedding was featured in a prestigious online publication, The Every Last Detail, and photos of Southern Vintage Table‘s beautiful china and table settings are highlighted in the photo essay.

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous wedding captured by Faith Teasley in Soft Pink & Pale Blue Vintage Garden Wedding. Thank you Ashley, Faith and The Every Last Detail!

Faith Teasley Photography

  • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — •

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC




Vintage Feature – A Blissful Wish for All!

vintage graters3I’ve been working on an upcoming new Pinterest board featuring vintage kitchen ware decor and created this lovely holiday vignette using three vintage candlelit shredders. Although I’m not quite ready to unveil my board and post, I thought this photo would be perfect for my holiday wishes to all our friends, followers and fans of Southern Vintage Table.

 ~  Wishing you all a blissful holiday and new year ahead!  ~

  • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — •

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC


Southern Vintage Table Event – A Toast to the Holiday!

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Good friends, good food and good wine – three basics for a great gathering. Add a donation to a silent auction with proceeds going to a local charity, it becomes a grand occasion!

The auction item Rowena won was a wine tasting sponsored by Wines for Humanity.  The auction, organized by TerraVita, raised funds for one of their favorite causes, Table NC. The mission of this organization is to “provide healthy, emergency food aid every week to hungry children living in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC.” Wines for Humanity’s donation to the auction was a wine tasting which included a wine advisor, and 6 bottles of their favorite offerings of white and red wines. To our delight, Southern Vintage Table was invited to help with the holiday table settings and decor.

With wine tasting as the focal activity Rowena and Doug planned their festive holiday gathering. The holiday color theme was white and green accented with silver and clear glass. Southern Vintage Table’s collection of clear candle holders added sparkle and flair throughout. To add an organic touch, we filled small vintage silver trays, vintage goblets and vintage silver coasters with moss and a candle. With the lovely floral arrangements, the final look was so pretty! (One note about using moss and a candle – make sure the moss is very moist to prevent a fire.)

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

As a unique touch to the wine tasting, a small tree was decorated with cork ornaments and a strand made from cut cork pieces. Red berries and bows made from raffia added the final touch to this one-of-a-kind holiday tree which was perfect for our gathering.

Cork Tree Decorations

With a delicious assortment of cheeses, chocolates and dishes made by guests, the wine tasting was both educational and fun!  Deb, our wine advisor from Wines for Humanity, helped us learn not only about the 6 wines we enjoyed that evening but also a few basics about selecting and enjoying different wines. As the saying goes, a good time was had by all and all for a good cause, too!

If you are interested in hosting a wine tasting, contact Wines for Humanity for more details and, of course, Southern Vintage Table would be happy to help!

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

Vintage Feature – The Purity of Vintage White

Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

This week’s post is simple  – one photograph of three vintage white pieces. The story is so much more but I couldn’t pull it all together this week because sometimes, as I recently have been reminded, life happens.

In a future post, I want to tell you more about these vintage white teapots and sugar dish a dear friend shared with me, as well as other pieces in our collection at Southern Vintage Table. In the meantime, I’m certain you will see the pure vintage beauty in these three.

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC


Southern Vintage Table Event – Anne of Green Gables’ Photoshoot

“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Last month Bekah, owner of Ardent Darcy, invited Southern Vintage Table to help with a photoshoot – how exciting for us! Bekah and photographers Anna and Brent Deitrich of Live View Studios were inspired by the classic story, Anne of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maid Montgomery in 1903. With purples, pinks, a delectable cake, handcrafted stationery, a lovely farm venue and vintage tableware from our elegant collection, the shoot was a magnificent success.

Be sure to see more of these artful photos posted on Live View Studios’ blog, Anne of Green Gables Inspiration.

Vendors who contributed to this shoot included:

Bekah, Wedding Stylist and Floral Design: Ardent Darcy
Anna and Brent Deitrich, Photographers: Live View Studios
Shannon Fox, Owner of Venue: Iron Horse Events
Randi Smith, Baker: Sugar Euphoria
Molly Gaither, Stationery: Ply Studio
Shelly Heath, Vintage Table Rentals: Southern Vintage Table
Kristal Cloer, Vintage Rentals: Farm & Filigree

Live View Studios

Notice the carrots in the gorgeous bouquet designed by Bekah of Ardent Darcy!

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Southern Vintage Table Vintage China Rental NC

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